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History of the University of Wittenberg

The inspiration for this work was the University of Halle. Once before, the attempt has been made, the University of Wittenberg methodically to bring history to display, by the local professor of philosophy, Johann Christian August Grohmann, in the years 1801 and 1802 in view of the third centenary of the establishment "Annals of the University of Wittenberg" published in three volumes has.

They range from the foundation up to the year 1733, why in the last part will complement some reflections on the scientific status of the university itself. A real history of the university but has not the work.

This book draws his material from here in the hall and parish registers held with Dean's books, Supplements were developed with material from the Central State Archives in Dresden, from the library of the Wittenberg Theological Seminary, and the collections on the history of Wittenberg Faculty of 16. Century from the estate of Nicholas Mueller.


From the contents:

The University vorlutherische
Luther beginnings and the conversion of the University of
Luther and his associates, Expansion of the organization
Transition to the Albertine, the Kryptokalvinismus in Wittenberg
The second century of the university
Decline and resurgence in 18. Century
Recent stories, Association with the Friedrich-University of Halle
Personal Register


Friedensburg, Walter: History of the University of Wittenberg, Max Niemeyer: Hall 1917 (Download)

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