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The history of the Kashubian

Kashubians are a Slavic tribe. They form the poles together the branch of Western Slavs, to the former nor the now extinct Slavic tribes in Pomerania, Mecklenburg, Brandenburg, Holstein and Hanover were. More West Slavic tribes are the Lusatian Serbs and the Czechs and Slovaks. The Language of the Kashubian region comprises the districts of Puck, Neustadt, Karthaus, the Kreis Konitz, Buetow and some border villages of the districts Stolp and Lauenburg. The meaning of the name was not found Kashubians the date of this publication; the already old from the 13. -Century etymology, which derives its name from the name of wrinkled dress, should be discarded.

According to the results of the prehistoric science, it is undeniable, that in Pomerania once Germanic tribes settled. In the Neolithic Age was Pommerellen for Nordic culture, dersich in southern Sweden, Denmark, Developed Holstein and North Germany from the Dutch border to federal, So in the countries, are shown as the original home of the Teutons. When and how did the immigration of the Slavs is done, is still a mystery. In the 7. Century, they were certainly in Pomerania, at 800 but they were already on the Elbe in such strength, that even the mighty Emperor Charles counted on them as enemies and friends…..


Pommerellen up 1308
The time of religious rule 1308-1466
The period of Polish rule 1466-1772
The time of Prussian rule 1772-1920


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