History of the Hohenzollern


Elector Joachim II.

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Here I have today Rausgepickt subsequent essays, dealing exclusively with the House of Hohenzollern deal.

The individual essays are descended from various editions of the Hohenzollern yearbooks 1898 and offered on the above website as a PDF.

History 1061-1440, The parent strain and the Hohenzollern castle Count of Hohenzollern-Nürnberg in the yearbook 08.1904 Page 19-22
Der Orden vom Goldenen Fleece in the yearbook 11.1907 Page 258-265
The oldest portraits of the Brandenburg Hohenzollerns in the yearbook 06.1902 Page 57-69
Emperor Frederick II. in the yearbook 02.1898 Page 1-17
Hohenzollern as a knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece in ancient times, in the yearbook 1907 Page 258-265
The relationship of the houses of Hohenzollern and Askanien in the yearbook 1911 Page 245-186
The relationship of the houses of Hohenzollern and Wettin in the yearbook 1907 Page 109-154
The relationship of the houses of Hohenzollern and Württemberg in the yearbook 1914 Page 52-97
The Hohenzollern and the Orangemen in their intellectual, kinship and political relationships in the yearbook 1906 Page 221-260
Bismarck and the House of Hohenzollern in the yearbook 1898 Page 231-242
Gustav Adolf's wife Maria Eleonora of Brandenburg in the battle with the Swedish Senate until after their banishment Gripsholm 1636 in the yearbook 1905 Page 169-206
Otto von Guericke, the inventor of the air pump and its relationship to the Great Elector. in the yearbook 1908 Page 103-112
The position of the house Finckenstein at the Prussian court in 17. and 18. Century in the yearbook 1913 Page 156-172
The expulsion of the Protestant Salzburg and its inclusion in Prussia in the yearbook 1898 Page 47-56
Chamberlain, Frederick Hartmann of Witzleben as a portrait artist at the court of Prussia in the yearbook 1916 Page 102-104
The seal of the Prussian kings until the year 1806 Yearbook 1905 Page 97-107
The portraits of children of Frederick the Great and his brothers in the yearbook 1911 Page 20-35
Entries Brandenburg princes and princesses into ordinary books of the 16. and 17. Century in the yearbook 1903 Page 165-179
Georg Wenceslaus von Knobelsdorff his 200. Birthday on 17. February 1899 in the yearbook 1899 Page 126-135
Genealogical tables of the Houses of Hohenzollern and Schleswig-Holstein in the yearbook 1906 in the yearbook 1905 Page 169-206

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