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History of Heraldry

This important reference work was written by Gustav Adelbert Seyler and appeared in a New Town. d. Aisch in: Bauer & Raspe, 1970.

It includes the structure of the stands, the knighthood is illuminated thematically, as the tournaments. We continue to sample the ancestors and the legal battle, the prehistory of the coat of arms, The coat of arms symbolism, the coat of arms art, Heraldry and coat of arms right.

A section is devoted to the mathematical and philosophical school and Philipp Jacob Spener. The whole is rounded off with a detailed index and images of some original shields.

I. Book: Grundlegung.

II. Book. Das Wappenwesen von seinem Ursprunge (as. 1150) bis in die zweite Hälfte des vierzehnten Jahrhunderts.

III. Book. Das Wappenwesen vom Ende des vierzehnten bis in die Mitte des siebenzehnten Jahrhunderts.

IV. Book. Die Wappenwissenschaft von ihren Anfängen bis zu Ende des achtzehnten Jahrhunderts.

In. Book. Das neunzehnte Jahrhundert.

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