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Genealogical and Biographical messages on both strains of sex Wangenheim and Winterstein


Wangenheim, as the name of the place of sex and we first meet in the monk of Fulda's Eberhard in the mid- 12. Century compiled the list of goods of the pen Fulda.

When the chroniclers of the Wangenheimsche bring gender as the gender of the Huns in conjunction with Erffa, Write or others, that they came from Hungary to Thuringia, These are simply there is a legend, is a historical evidence is not there.

Immigration is the progenitor of the Thuringian Landgrave house, Ludwig the Bearded, would preclude the mere fact of concern, us during the 12. Members of the century, appearing in documents called Wangenheim not only as a consequence, but to negotiate with those Ludwig III., the grandson of Louis with the beard and his son Ludwig the Iron attended, and although on several occasions in the wake of the archbishops of Mainz and Fulda's Church as the Ministerial.

Louis is the first of that name, from which the descent of sex documentary evidence that can be. He called three times in documents as a witness. First in a document of the year 1133 through an exchange agreement as fulda shear Ministerial “Ludovicus de Wangenheim”. From the mid- 14. Century was the sex, the two main lines Wangenheim and Winterstein. Branches of the family are up to the present time.


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