Documentary history of the family's Tettau Tettau in the branches and Kinsky

The origin of the family is doing in Bohemia, other reasons for its origin in Germany, where the same is already in 9. Century should have listened to the nobility or knighthood, albeit in a Lehnsoberherrlichkeit under the King of Bohemia related land, probably the Saxon Upper Lusatia or Easter landing. It is true that, that the family here as early as the beginning of the 13. Century has been at home. About the middle of the 14. Century they have spread to Moravia. They left the country soon again and moved to Upper Saxony. There she acquired extensive possessions in the Vogtland, sowie eine bedeutende Herrschaft Schwarzenberg. Letztere Linie starb indessen 1524 from their Lehnserben and sold it 1533 to the Elector of Saxony.

The country was William Voigt of Tettau by three of his sons (Call, Hans Eberhard and) the ancestor of the elder and younger branch of the family's Tettau. In this book, the Frankish, the osterländische, and the Saxon branch of oberlausitzische, the latter with its two main lines and discusses the various houses. Similarly, the Prussian branch described.

Coat of arms:

The crest is divided by red and silver with three peaks. Since the end of 16. Century, it shows in red three from the left edge shields outgoing, backward curved silver wolf teeth. On the helmet with red and silver ceiling is an open, right and left red silver eagle flight.


Johann Wilhelm Albert of Tettau: Documentary history of the family's Tettau in the branches and Tettau Kinsky, Berlin: Stargardt 1878 (Download) Zu den von Tettau sind zahlreich verbundene Ahnenreihen in der Datenbank zu finden.

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