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Documentary history of the family von Pentz

The Prince's Council, and Vogt to Schwerin, Joachim von Pentz has left behind two sons: Ulrich and Helmold. From those derived from the line Scharbow, from this the line Raguth. Initially, Ulrich's descendants were to Raguth, which it has first to 1533 exchanged against Scharbow. Ulrich had this much is known only to a son named Claus.

The CV of the younger Claus can be traced fairly accurately. He first appears in 1490 together with his mother, Catherine. His father was no longer living at that time and he himself was not yet of legal age. Claus has left six sons and three daughters. Their names are: Ulrich, Claus, Dinnies, Hans, Cyriac, Bartold, Margaret, Elizabeth and Anna.

The book describes in great detail every branch of the family, so that the genealogies can be closely monitored.

One Konrad von Pentz employed Lueder eagerly with the genealogies of the Mecklenburg nobility based on the collections of the likely end 1746 deceased younger Johann Heinrich v. Hoinckhusen, to him 1766 were handed out by the heirs.


Meyenn, F. of: Documentary history of the family von Pentz, Schwerin: Bärensprungsche Hofbuchdruckerei Band 1 (1891) Band 2 (1900)

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