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William of Holleben: Contributions to the history of the family of Holleben


's family Holleben

The annual 1883 Benno had died of Holleben after long and detailed studies, a source document book as “Contributions to the history of the Lords of Holleben” compiled. The above work is based on its preliminary.

Holleben The family of one of the oldest families of Saxony-Thuringia . The “Hunleves” were ministry officials of the powerful archbishops of Magdeburg and took a high place in the retinue of the princes of the church an .

As the oldest proven ancestor Theodoricus de Hunleue is deemed to . Er wird 1185 called as a witness at the gift of tithing from two vineyards in the church of St . Petri in Wettin called . continued Demonstrably the trunk number with Magnus of Holleben in 15. Century. The joint ancestor of all present Holleben was Ernst Ludwig von Holleben (+1737) married with Eleonore Dorothee von Witzleben .

He left three sons :

Johann Ernst Ludwig
Adam Ludwig Anton
Johann Wilhelm Ludwig

The oldest of these brothers , Johann Ernst Ludwig (*1706) exercised its right as Erbherr on Wildenspring no use . He was the first Holleben , entered the service of a Hohenzollern and was thus important for the family . He died as a colonel and left from his first marriage to Margaret of Stürzel three sons , all later in the Prussian military service .

Anton Adam Ludwig wurde am 8.3.1711 was the ancestor of the still flourishing elder branch of this family . 1742 he married the originating from Mecklenburg Eva Katharina von Linstow . In this marriage a son and two daughters was born . After the death of his wife he married 1747 with Sophie Margarethe von Normann . 1749 Bernhardine daughter was born and 1750 Sohn Bernhard Ludwig. Year 1752 he was appointed Jagermeister and 1761 to top Jägermeister .

Johann Wilhelm Ludwig (*1715) joined the government service for the house Schwarzburg , was the future Prime Minister and Privy Council . Johann Wilhelm's marriage with one of Roeder was blessed with children , but only two sons remained on life . The elder Franz Johann Friedrich Ludwig , Privy Councillor and the second son of the Minister , Ernst Friedrich Ludwig, land Jägermeister and Mr. Udersleben on , married with von Nostitz ( ancestor of the younger line )

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William of Holleben: family history of Holleben , Gotha: Perthes, 1895