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Contributions to the history of the family of Auerswald from documentary sources

auerswaldThe headquarters of the sex of Auerswald was according to tradition, the Knight's Castle Auerswalda with the family estate near Chemnitz, is named as the builder of Kaspar Auerswalda in the middle of the fifteenth century. The sex itself is much older and goes to the indication of Saxon historians up to the early history of Meissen. Those who have been charged as an ancestor is first in the state of Meissen Noble, is not reported.

The family had long flourished already in the country Meissner, emerges as the first Fabian von Auerswald from the darkness of the story of this family. In 1462 born, He had been taught from an early age, according to the fashion in physical exercises and had afterwards enjoyed the art of knightly ring game to teach the famous ring master of the time, which the elector of Saxony, Ernst moved to his farm where he and his sons Frederick (the manner mentioned) Albert, Ernst and Johann (later with the nickname of the Standing) had entrusted to provide instruction in the ring Art.

It is this Fabian von Auerswald later published in honor of the Elector of Saxony to the work “Ringer's art” in an edition of 85 Piece. Completed this work was 1537, because he was 77 Years old.

The presented book keeps ready by the detailed historical description of the family of the Auerswald family trees. Download: Author: John Voigt (1786-1863) Published in Königsberg Hartung 1824