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Family history of Dirksen

dirksenThe history of the family and the nobility Dirksen v. Dirksen, edited by George Conrad of documentary sources (1860-1934) Judge and Chairman of the Historical Association Oberländischen in Mühlhausen, Circle Press. Holland, Strong publishing Görlitz 1905

The present, on behalf of the imperial ambassador in Berlin, Willy von Dirksen authored two-volume history covers the 300 years of family history of coming from the Netherlands, originally Mennonite family, the grounds of religious persecution left his old home and in the years from 1887 The Prussian nobility v. Dirksen showed. The members of the family lived in Holland, so, in Hamburg, Danzig, and in Königsberg. In the Dutch language is as much as Dirksen “Dirks son”, Son of Dirk, or. Son of Dieterich. And this has changed over the centuries the name of the form of Dierickz Dürcksen and Dircksen the present form Dirksen.

In the first volume, readers will find a special feature is a signature collection for a period of 1742-1904. The second volume consists of Urkundenbuch, People register and plates.

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