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Complete history of the origin and sex of the East Pomeranian


The librarian of the Herald, Professor M. Hildebrandt made the following statement at the time:

” With the gender of the East, it must have a very special story, been many significant genealogists and heralds have about the historical past and the broken crest of the East of the head, without being even remotely occurred to get to the bottom. Only one East can clarify this”

Appearing from the east in the Baltic region Slavic first documented in 1243 namely in the Duchy of Pomerania-Stettin. Here we encounter the knight “Hermannus de east to Szczecin” and “Fridericus de Woldenburg” the 1248 to Pyritz “Fridericus miles east dictus de de Woldenburg” is known and documented in Stargard as a witness of the Duke Barnim I. The former comes 1249 as a witness of Bishop William of Cammin, The latter 1253 in Stargard as a witness at Duke Barnim I. before.

Only a few years after 1243 also appear in the Duchy of Pomerania-Demmin two brothers East, namely 1245 Olricus de East as a witness at Duke Wartislaw III. and 1249 Knights in Eldena dominus de Fredericus East as an arbiter in a border dispute in the newly built convent near Greifswald Eldena with the counts Gützkow.

Whether a family relationship existed between the Demmin and Stettin's East, can not be proved in documents, but occurring at both the first name Frederick suggests such.

In the Principality of Rügen first appears Odt John de Damnitz, is therefore to be regarded as the progenitor of the later rebuke between East. John urkundet 1248 together with the brothers and Hinricus Bertoldus de East. Apart from the above is John de East already 1253 the brothers and Arnoldus de Eggehardus East as a witness before the princes of Rügen Jaromar.

As if only entitled to the presence of two brothers genealogical rule to believe, that sex is already in the 2. Generation in the country concerned is, It follows, that all 4 Groups in Pomerania-Stettin, Pomerania-Demmin, Stralsund and Loitz already in 2. Generation have lived.



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