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History of Burg Stargard and office in Mecklenburg

From the contents: Storm of Pomerania under Bogislav in 1280, Margrave Albrecht married his daughter Beatrix of Henry II. of Mecklenburg, John Werle as a prisoner in the castle, The Pomerania under Duke Wartislaw invade the country Stargader, Death of Duke Ulrich II. and III., Fate of the castle in the 30-year war, the 7-year war, Farmers in the office 1828, Genealogy of the reigning masters of the Old Stargard.


Cl. von Oertzen, Volckmann & Jerosch, Rostock 1890 (Download the Russian State Library)

Other publications

History of the country Stargard : Part 1: By the year 1471: with documents and calendar entries / of F. Boll, Barnewitz 1846 (Download) at the Russian State Library