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GenTeam is k o s t e n l o s and not profit-oriented. GenTeam is an association of genealogists, working independently or in teams to databases and make these data freely available to all researchers. The databases are a help in the search for ancestors and relatives.

1.) more than 100.000 new data on www.GenTeam. at
1.1) Indices
1.2) Entries from Jewish parish registers
1.3) Wurzbach
2.) Cooperation between Matricula and GenTeam
Invitation to participate in a fascinating project

1.1) Indices
75.768 Entries were added again - so there are now a total of 277.205 from village and Hanns Geppersdorf, and Gars, Stranz village, Eisgarn, Enzersdorf / Fischa, Kleinneusiedl, Schwadorf, Münch Empire, Ruppersthal, Gmünd and Dobersberg.
Everybody who sent herewith a heartfelt thank!

1.2) NEW: Entries in register books of Jewish Religious Communities
1.978 Entries
Mr. Alfred Spielmann I want to thank you for this valuable basis of entries in register books of Jewish Religious Communities of some South-Moravian. Matrikenindices from other municipalities and crown lands are in the works.

1.3) New: WURZ BACH
26.100 Entries
Many people know the work of Dr. Constantin von Wurzbach: an intermediate 1856 and 1891 created Biographical Dictionary of the Empire of Austria. In more than 60 Volumes are more than 26.000 "Life sketches of memorable people, which since 1750 Born in the Austrian crown lands were worked or lived in it and have "mentioned. For this indispensable for the historian biographical collection, Ms. Mireille Trauner now created an overall index, GenTeam the researchers provides.
Even her a heartfelt THANK YOU!
You can look at the search GenTeam directly on all volumes http://www.literatu see.
There are now 7 different databases with more than 1.4 Million records:
- Marriage Index of Vienna and the Viennese surrounding parishes (Stockerau, Korneuburg, Klosterneuburg, Fischamend, Mannswörth, Perchtoldsdorf, Mödling) between 1542-1860
as. 840.000 Entries
- The owners of the building lots in Lower
as. 198.000 Entries
- Local directory of Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia
as. 62.000 Entries
- Death pictures from the two world wars
as. 12.700 Entries
- Entries in register books and grundherrschaftlich s books
as. 277.000 Entries
- Entries in register books of Jewish Communities
as. 1.900 Entries
- Wurzbach
as. 26.100 Entries

2) In Kooperation mit Matricula www.matricula- GenTeam created indexes of parish registers, which are integrated into the database "indexes" (found on two Web pages in the "employees")
GenTeam and therefore invite all researchers, in this unique project, The researchers, each of us comes to good, collaborate. Since the church books are digitally over the internet already, is not a journey activity required. Some parishes already exist indices, part must be an index to be rebuilt.
This is true for already digitized parish registers from other archives, as those in the Czech Republic.

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