Historic Genealogical Report from the Lords of Schaffgotsch

schaffgotschA very special Jewel ist dieses aktuell im Internet aufgestöberte Werk. It is handwritten and 331 Pages long. To the smallest detail is the Schaffgotsch described since its first appearance in history.

First mentioned 1174 with Hugo dictus Scof in Franconia. 1360 is Gotsche Schoff invested with the castle Kynast.

After they had acquired the dominion Trachenberg, was the cousin of Adam Schaffgotsch as Barons Trachtenberg 1592 elevated to the peerage.

1627 Emperor Ferdinand II gave. the family the title Semper Free (Ritterbürtige) with all the rights of the Silesian princes. 1708 was the elevation to the imperial counts.

Known family members:

Hans Ulrich von Schaffgotsch gene. Semper Free (1595-1635) General

Philipp Gotthard von Schaffgotsch (1716-1795) Prince Bishop of Wroclaw

John Prokop Schaffgotsch (1748-1813) Bishop of Budweis

Anton Ernst Schaffgotsch (1804-1870) Bishop of Brno

Continuation of the family history as Download…


A. Altmann: Design has become a chronicle or description of Warmbrunn and its mineral springs, Transkription im April 2009, Ullrich Junker, Mörikestr. 16, D-88 285 Bodnegg (Including a detailed family history of Schaffgotsch)

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