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Contributions to the family genealogy Altfrankfurter

This is the genealogical research of Herbert de Bary (uradelige family from Barry at Tournai in Belgium) with his 64 Suspect, , then, the 16 Ancestors of his grandparents, Jean Renaud de Bary and Osterried de Neufville
the occasion of the golden wedding anniversary on 18. July 1922 with the exact sources and excerpts from documents and chronicles. These pedigrees provide not only information about the ancestors of de Bary, but also show the relationships of a whole series of other families and Frankfurt (see below)

Excerpt unrecognized family name:

Arnold, Aubry, Bake, de Bary, the Bihl, Behaghel, of carbene, Borckenstein, Bocquet, Borel, Bruguier, Got it, Cornett, Droz, Engelmann, Erikam, of Famars, Ghim, Gisler, Gontard, Hartmann, Hassel, Haussner, Hofer, Iselin, Jeanrenaud, Jordis, Moller, de Neufville, Rohmer, Scheffer, Schunck, Schweighauser, Wichelhausen, Woerner, Wonder, of Fay, Jordis, Lynen, Nephew, Orville, Cocq, Pilgrim, Textor, Lindheimer, Sarasin, Cellarius, the Weerth, of the Fontaine-Wicart, of Stockum, of Flammerdinghe, Multiply, by Driesch, von Loen, Merian, the Ron,


Herbert de Bary: Contributions to the family genealogy Altfrankfurter (originally printed in 300 numerierten Exemplaren) Frankfurt: J. Baer & Co., 1922