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Genealogical job titles

berufsbezeichnung-chirurgEvery genealogist deals within his research with the occupations in his ancestors. Nice, that there are illustrations to:

First, an old Quartet card game. It contains 40 Professions as drawings, small even with a spell are highlighted.
At 1568 was the “Actual description of all objects on earth” published by Hans Sachs. He had written a rhyme for every job and every job was illustrated by a Jost Amman.

For the year 1690 come about as the. 100 Etchings of professions, also equipped with spells and they come from January und Caspar Luyken. All in Dutch.

With the so-called house of Mendel's books and Landauer's twelve brothers house foundations, the Nuremberg Municipal Library offers the most extensive collection of historic craft in Europe by the bakers to the sugar-maker. The Home books in five volumes can be searched by occupation and last name.

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