Valentine King: Genealogische Adels-Historie

Especially for the early history of the king's extremely unreliable data and the prevailing trend due, trace the history of noble families by legendary stories as possible to Roman history. The recent data, however, are reliable, but to question and in many cases.


King, Valentin: Genealogical History of nobility or sex-description of those ehemahls In Chur-Saxon and angräntzenden lands partly, especially to those who are in good standing ietzo Flor oldest and handsomest Adelichen gender and sprung from selfsame different Frey noble and high-ducal houses: Wherein the same antiquity, Lineages, Coat of arms, Division of those sex-houses, Dominions, Lehn- and Knight Güther, as well as life and exploits of the most famous high-Adelichen people … clearly described. Band 1, Band 2, Band 3, Leipzig: Deer 1727-1736

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