Genealogical news about the family Windscheid

The family comes from Windscheid Blankenberg (Sieg) and was originally called Windscheif: ” Titulo Solemnis ex libris donationis Jois Windscheif Blankenbergensis”.

On the Krichhof to Blankenberg wore a grave stone inscription: “Year 1707 the 15. Peter died May Windscheif”. The population was approximately 600 and it was nourished by the agriculture, Fruit- and viticulture, and livestock.

The great-grandfather of the writer was Councilor Paeffgen. Office Administrator of the Office Blankenberg. The family papers beginning with Johann Wilhelm Windscheid, but further back they go about the family Gesser, came from his wife Maria Anna Josepha Johanna Sibilla. She was baptized on 25. 9.1747 Lambertus Church in Dusseldorf. Her father was Johann Anton Gesser “counselor, a referee and a senator of the city Düsseldorfiii echevins”, born about 1700.

Family coat of arms Gesser

From his coat of arms is an imprint preserved. It shows a growing out of clouds, winged angels in wrinkled garb and with outstretched arms; across his chest to cross two sashes. The crest consists of two eagles' wings. In addition to the right wing is the number 16, The number next to the left 76. The inscription of the seal is: “Johann Friedrich Gesser, Scabinus Düsseldorpii”.

Kinship connections were there including the Baron of Collenbachstrasse, Privy Krey, whose daughter was married was the immigrant from France by Louis Bouverot and their daughter married to Joseph of winners.


Fuchsius, Ferdinand: News about the family Windscheid : together with contributions to contemporary history, Dusseldorf: Bagel 1891

Family Members:

Bernard Joseph Hubert Windscheid (1817-1892) Jurist
Franz Ferdinand Adolf Bernhard Windscheid (1862-1910) Neurologist
Catherine (Kathe) Charlotte Friederike Auguste Windscheid (1859-1943) Feminist

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