Franz Schwede-Coburg: A biography of the district leader and President of Upper Pomerania

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Franz Reinhold Swede * 5. March 1888 Drawöhnen in the district of Memel, East Prussia; +19. October 1960 in Coburg, was a Nazi politician and was at Coburg 28. August 1930 the first Party member Mayor of a district-free city. Of 1934 to 1945 he was Gauleiter of the NSDAP in Pomerania.

Swede prevented at the end of the Second World War, a timely and orderly exodus of civilian population in Pomerania before the onrushing Red Army, but sat down in time with a ship from Sassnitz on 4. May in the direction of Schleswig-Holstein from, where he died on 13. More 1945 in British prisoner of war and came up 1947 was interned.

After a first conviction by a tribunal because of membership in the Nazi leadership corps to nine years in prison on 25. November 1948 in Bielefeld, he was a ruling by the 7. April 1951 in Coburg for 52-fold injury in coincidence with attempted coercion in the office during the Terror in 1933 the maximum sentence of ten years in prison. At the 24. January 1956 the remainder of the sentence was suspended, 1960 Francis died at the age of Swede in Coburg 72 Years.

Writings of the School of Politics, edited by Paul Meier-Benneckenstein, Issue 2: The personalities of the leaders of National Socialism. Verlag Junker and Dünnhaupt, Berlin 1939 (Download)

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