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Complete collection of all the inscriptions in the cemetery in Leipzig


Even if it's not everyone's thing is to walk between graves, for the family, this research work unimagined ways of looking at, as a legacy of three centuries 2000 Inscriptions! To commemorate all the inscriptions have been recorded here, even if the old gray and moss-covered stones were difficult to decipher determined.

In 1536 Johanniskirchof of the Old Duke George was ordained to the general burial place in Leipzig. In the 16. and 17. Century has been expanded, the first and second division multiple, later became the cemetery for the three and four divisions , and finally to the Department 5 extended. A large-scale renovation took place in 1995. Since then, the cemetery is again available to the public as a museum park.

The old church was St. John's south, her story is very dark and is based more on a legend, therefore can be the year of construction can not determine exactly.


Heinlein, Heinrich: The cemetery in Leipzig in its present form, or complete collection of all the inscriptions on the oldest and newest landmarks, Leipzig: Fritsche, 1844

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