Clemens August Freiherr von Droste Vischering the controversial Archbishop of Cologne

Clemens August, comes from one of the oldest aristocratic families of the Westphalian, of the family of Baron Droste Vischering. From it emerged men, will always be in our history is important. Here is called the Prince Bishop Bernard of Galen or the Minister of Fürstenberg.

The older line had in Westphalia 19. Century house Lütke Beck, Asbeck, Vorhelm, Darfeld with the surge Darfeld, Holtwick, Rockel, Visbeck, Woersche, Kakesbeck, Vehaff, Vischering, Bevern, Mengede and Long. In the Kingdom of Hanover were Brandlecht, Caldenhoff, Haselüne Lenger layer and in the possession or. Part of the family. In the Kingdom of the Netherlands was well off the line to Saerfeld. The younger branch had the power Reichenstein in Koblenz and the manor Herten in the administrative district of Münster.

Clemens August was the 22. January 1773 born on the estate in circles Beckum. His father was the Baron Clemens August Droste zu Heidenreich Vischering. His mother, the Dowager Countess Sophie von Plettenberg, nee Baroness von Droste zu Füchten. The marriage produced two daughters and seven sons. Of these sons was out of Clemens August only Caspar Maximilian, the Bishop of Munster at the live. The eldest brother of the Archbishop, the heir Adolph Heidenreich, born 1769 Franz and Otto, Born on 13.9.1773 and Domcapitular to Hildesheim and Münster, both died in the year 1826. Franz Otto was already 1789 the provost of Münster. From his brother Caspar Maximilian, the 1795 Bishop had become, He was on 14. More 1798 in Munster and was ordained canon.

At the 16. September 1810 He became vicar general of the diocese of Muenster. Already at the beginning of his church career, he opposed any compromise with the strict Prussian government on the controversial issue of the education of children of interfaith marriages. As this attitude he also brought into open conflict sensitivity to the balance of church officials, Droste presented to Vischering in summer 1820 down his office as Vicar General and dedicated himself to charitable work of the seclusion.


Clemens August, Freiherr von Droste Vischering, Archbishop of Cologne: together with an appendix: Interesting traits and some previously unpublished poems of the deceased, Xanten: Theurer 1845 (Download)

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