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Biography of the Baron Heinrich Friedrich Karl vom und zum Stein

The lords and from the stone, their first name in documents of the 11. and 12. Century is called, were a rich baronial sex, Burgmann in relation to the Counts of Nassau and involved in their gallant impromptu trains and exploits. As vassals of the empire they fought in the armies of the Emperor, for example, under Edward III. of England and the reign of Charles the Bold of Burgundy.

So it happened that Louis was slandered by stone, been in the enemy camp from Koblenz to be. He was so volatile country, but took in pledge his property to his house with door knocker, a metallic donkey head. When, after a decade, the innocence of the Barons was proved, Ludwig came back from the misery, pointed at his door knocker and was reinstated in his property.

Was also deprived of his goods as Karl vom Stein, He took the old traditional door knockers with in exile and he also brought this upon his return again to. In the middle of 18. Century, the Stein's heritages deeply in debt and left to decay. The owner at the time was Karl Philip Stein – an upright and honest man but also with aufbrausendem character – so described him, the chroniclers. He was married to Henriette Caroline Langwerth of simmering, widowed by Loew.

She gave him 10 Children. Only 4 Sons and three daughters survived the parents. The eldest son Johann Friedrich was a diplomat and was in 1792 preussicher envoy in Mainz and Aschaffenburg. The second son, Friedrich Ludwig was German Teutonic Knights and became an officer in the Austrian service.

What Kaiser Joseph II. he fought in the war against the Turks. The ditte son Ludwig Gottfried was the only family, struck out of the way and lost itself in many astray. Sohn Nr. 4 Heinrich Friedrich Karl (*26.10.1757) the family estates were at 20.10.1788, transferred after the death of his father, such as the Fideikommissvertrag, his mother on 2.2.1774 had set up in Nassau, providing for.

Of 1773 to 1777 he studied in Göttingen Law, National- and constitutional history, as well as economic and political disciplines. In 1780 trat in Berlin in the State Department, soon became head of the mountain- and metallurgical departments in Prussia. At the 2.2.1780 made Frederick the Great Stone appointment as treasurer and on 10.2. this made it his oath. In 1784 gave him the royal line of the Westphalian mining authorities and the Minden's mine Commission. His whereabouts were now Wetter….


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