I would like to present a project should support you and if you have war letters and related documents, Photos, Passes, Diaries, Leaflets and other materials, would then provide feedback to the address below wonderfully!

The project

The material is kept in an archive properly and exclusively for documentation- and research purposes, used in compliance with the privacy rights.

Field Post

Field Post World War II. During the Second World War on the German side alone 30 to 40 Billion box Mail shipments between home and front shipped. However, the archaeological record in West German archives and collections to be called marginal.

Collection. Clemens Schwender and Katrin Kilian, together with the Museum of Communication in Berlin on the initiative of Ortwin Buchbender August 2000 started a project to collect documents from the field post-World War II. The personal documents are collected and prepared, them research, Journalism and the public to make them accessible in compliance with data protection.
With good 100.000 Documents in the portfolio and 1.200 Letters, which can be viewed online, is the field post-archive at the Museum for Communication Berlin one of the most important institutions of its kind.

Workshop. The topic “Field Post” requires existence of different disciplines. Anticipated increase in the material can be assumed, that more precise research questions asked and more sophisticated results can be achieved than in the past. Systematic investigations and studies have, to date rar. Issues such as the subjective reality of those affected, the effect of propaganda and media, Attitudes and attitude change, Reflections in a totalitarian system have so far been cut only. The question of representativity had been answered negatively.

Here is a platform for products offered, Abstracts of research papers and projects from different disciplines, dealing with personal testimonies from the war. Also room for interesting seminar- and final work is offered.

Links. The FP Archive looks to as a specialized portal in- and foreign websites, dealing with field post from different times and from different regions.

Database. As part of the collection, the stocks will be cataloged and prepared for analysis. With the help of computer technology, it is possible, large amounts of material to analyze data effectively and accurately. For such a new research design is a large and diverse pool of data necessary. This data pool is created (Capture of archives, Cataloging scan through, copy, Transcriptions of all Lots) and recycle (index) and expand. This was an example of a Selecting 1.400 Letters accomplished, are now accessible via the Internet worldwide. Who wants to deal more intensively with larger transcripts or the original, should contact the Archives in connection.

Selected Letters. To get a first impression of Field Post, Here a few examples.

Bibliography. No research literature without. This list will be updated periodically and is the most comprehensive collection of titles available on.

Contact and cooperation. The work can not be done without the support of other partners. This does not apply to collection and archiving.

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