Family history

United Foundation of families Schrader, Kalm and Vechelde


The Foundation established the testator Schrader has a long history. It all began with Mayor Henry Schrader. Its most 3.11.1584 opened Testament caused a long legal dispute, as it turned out, his seven children that he, or. their heirs had not considered equally. He preferred to Dr. Author Schrader and Schrader, the children of Henry Chamberlain and ordered it to his principal heir:

“It is my will, that he was satisfied with it and it should be content, I am totally with him his insurance holding, because otherwise he is blessed with abundant goods and has no children, But Henry has left many children and children's author is also a fairly large number of children with God's blessings provided”.

From Ludolph and his siblings has now objected to this and announced, the process ( the 8 Took years) fend. Only the death of Ludolph provided a first comparison. He died at the age of 58 Years on 8.7.1589. But his will made for new strife. Not only, that he excluded his two oldest of the inheritance, He also determined 3000 To use its capital dollars for the continuation of the process. For the offspring of his four other siblings, he initially donated a total of 12.000 Dollars to a perpetual benefice, two-thirds for scholarships, one third of the daughters of equipment. The sisters were his nieces and legacies 33.000 Speeches.

Ludolph had with his brother author 1545 Wittenberg, 1547 in Leipzig and 1553 in Bologna studiert, where he became Dr. about. Ph.D.. From 1553 He gave lectures at the University of Wittenberg, was 1558 Professor of Law at the University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Or), where he remained until 1584 taught. 1559 and 1568 and from 1579 He was rector of this university.

Employers der das “Scholarships and daughters Supply Foundation” took the husbands of nieces. (in. Dam and Walbeck) After all, it was 12.000 Dollars to manage. The male descendants of Chancellor Heinrich Schrader went 1673 in Brunswick. On the scholarship itself was also attended by Schrader as Ilse, had married a sister of one Ludolph Schrader, this strain also went out in 1687. The last was the minister of Charles Duke. I., Heinrich Bernhard Schrader of Schlierstedt, its root in 1833 went out.

The conclusion of all litigation has been in recess 1673 sealed. Since then, subject to the grant of the Dr family Schradersche. Ludolf Schrader provided in the form to this day.

Since 1969 is now operating under this Foundation “United Foundation of families Schrader, Kalm and Vechelde”. These three families were from the Middle Ages to the patricians Brunswick. The Foundation was founded the fortress commander Heinrich von Vechelde Vechelde (1619-1683)

All persons are eligible for funding, somehow derived from Bernard of Vechelde, which 1324 is named as new citizens of the City of Brunswick: "So legitimized because Vecheldeschen Geblüts both male than female line can".

The number of descendants living today is very high, so alone in my database, this branch encompasses more than 6000 People. The interest to provide evidence about the Foundation Authorization, is extremely high.


"The task is, dependents in need of thoughtful families, with at German universities or other research universities Promotions- and post-doctoral study law, to provide a study aid. This includes every member of the Brunswick family of Vechelde, which comes from the founders called. As proof of belonging to the family occupied by public documents sufficient to demonstrate the origin of their. For this is also sufficient proof of descent from a former recipient of the scholarship (§ 5).

Were in accordance with its recently [Statutes of the Foundation] § 4 isolated nor economically needy offspring are considered, as long as the funds are sufficient to. Otherwise, as is usually always in need of, who under the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAFöG) recognized by the authorities is. Incidentally, school leaving certificate and matriculation- or graduate students to submit certificates of domestic university "

The Foundation is headed by a three-member board, in June 2000 from among its members, Dr. Ludolf has elected as its Chairman Schrader in Wuppertal. The promotion is also bounded on three years and can only exceptionally be extended.

There are still countless other family foundations, a few of them I will report, because they match the existing genealogies in my database: Liesegang Foundation, Parcham Foundation, Sackische Family Foundation etc..


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