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Historical records of the family Giseke

The oldest known member of the family was Giseke Henning Giseke. He lived to 1568. Whence he came, Nothing is known about. His descendants were Hans and Heinrich. The latter was 1590 born and died 1674 in Osterwieck at Halberstadt. His wife was Catharine Hilary.

Sohn Nicolaus Giseke wurde am 2.2.1656 in Osterwieck born and later lived as a merchant in Hamburg. He was married to Margaret Relow and their son was born to the name Paul 21.8.1686 in Hamburg getauft. 1706 he matriculated at the University of Helmstedt to study theology. He finished his studies at 1710 and Jena. 1714 He was steward of the sons of the Imperial Austrian Supreme of pipe, with whom he moved to Naples by the year 1717.


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