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The history of the family of Wrangel of the year 1250 to the present

Family Coat of Arms Wrangel

Around the year 1050 Wrangel is made by Rehde in Westphalia went to Denmark, from there with the King II Woldemar. to move to Estonia. He has settled well after the construction of the city of Reval, it is. Documented, the story is not detected and so the origin of this generation is lost in that dark past, which lies beyond the boundaries of all previous research.. Is therefore uncertain, whether or Eilardus de Oberge Tuki Wrang are to be regarded as Stamvater. Tuki Wrang remained under 12 Danes on the occupation of Reval castle back and he had considerable possessions in Harrien and Wirland, also around Tallinn.

In 1282 confirmiert King Eric of Denmark to Tallinn's freedom; They will include Johann Wrangele a witness whose appointed by the King. Year 1320 trat Christopherus II. the government and 1321 for example, was also a Frederick Wrangel to the King of Denmark sent, to stop because of the old freedom and privileges. If no certificate is known to be older 1277 is known in which a Wrangel, but it is at least possible, that about a century ago may have been a Livonia Wrangel.

In the last quarter of the 13. Century, we find that in the wake of Wrangel and as vassals of the Danish kings and heads of Livonia in an unbroken line from the houses Tolsburg, Ellistfer, Jesse, Royel, Addinal and descended ABLES. The first three houses are to be regarded as a regular seats, who started all the main branches.

At the beginning of 18. Century had already spread the sex very much, because in Sweden for such unfortunate battle of Piltawa (1709) not be found less than 22 Wrangel's heroic death and the greater number fell into Russian captivity. Only after 12 Few years, returned from captivity in the home. They sold their possessions in Livonia and Estonia and moved to Sweden. Most Swedish and Russian, Wrangel and the Prussian military caste had the prescribed, so only under King Charles XII. of Sweden 70 Wrangel fell in the wars….

Described in detail are the houses associated with the family trees. The various coats of arms and seal of the family members are presented, Monuments, Burial sites, etc.. Both volumes are available as digitized.


Henry of Baensch, Family history of Wrangel in 2 Volumes, Edited: Berlin-Dresden 1887

(Download: Band 1 and Band 2)