Medieval house history of the noble family Thun

The oldest name is usually called by the family of tuna, ist Albertino de Tono. He is a distinguished man asked from the area of ​​Trento to the top of the old pedigrees. A documentary mention of sex begins 1145 with Bertholdus de Tonno, on the St. Michael hard (29.9.) on the foundation- and endowment deed of St. Michael Konigsberg below the Adige as a second witness found.

Ten years later, at the 4. April 1155 is Bertoldus de Tonno is the third of thirteen witnesses cited by name, as Bishop Eberhard of Trent with the residents of Riva an agreement on certain taxes and benefits met. In the second half of the XII. Century appeared sporadically the name “Thune” on, one Pietro di Tonno is called as a witness to the will of Beatrice d'Este.

Is a continuous series of master Thunischen family there until Manfredinus de Tonno, the first time in a document dated 18. June 1187 as 6. Witness found. At the 17. July 1199 is this Manfredinus, Albertinus invested alongside his brother in the church of Metz.

In the second part we encounter from the Friederich's line Erasmus II, Son of Warimbert III. and its relations with the Bishop of Trent and the Counts of Tyrol. His son John II. as vicar in Nons- and Sulztal, the financial circumstances, Private relationships and family relationships. The next chapter is his son Erasmus IV. dedicated. The genealogical survey provides information to extinction in the XVI. Century.

This family history is divided into two parts:

1. Issue, 1 Department, The beginnings of the history of the Thun family, Edmund Langer (Castle to Castle archivist Tetschen) Vienna 1904 (Download)

4. Issue, 3. Department, First half of the fifteenth. Century, 2. Part: The Friederichische family line tuna, Edmund Langer, Kommissionsverlag son Karl Gerold, Vienna 1907 (Download)

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