Messages on the history of sex those of Rochow and their possessions

Their first documented appearance is linked to reliable and authentic goods which they have not. It is in particular the good Rochow in the Altmark. Here were the sons of the then already deceased knight Wichard 15 Hooves.

To 5. Generation were three brothers with the name of Henry II, Wichard II. and Meinhard II. by Rochow. Henry Vogt had to Stendal and later Tangermünde, most recently in grove. As such, he was often traveling in the affairs of the Brandenburg margrave, Margrave Waldemar moved to Landgrave Friedrich of Thuringia, acquiring thereby a knighthood. 1301 stiftete er mit Truchsess Conrad Raven einen Vergleich zwischen dem St. Nicolai Domstift in Stendal and the Vicar St. Stephani. 1305 He negotiated and Nicolaus of carrying out a contract, after which the Margrave Otto, Johann Waldemar and confirmed the privileges of the town of Stendal. Guarantors of this agreement were twelve knights and squires. 1312 empfing er mit Friedrich von Strele und einem von Köckeritz die Huldigung der Stadt Leipzig für die Markgrafen Waldemar und Johann von Brandenburg. Wichard verbündete sich im Jahre 1321 in the company of Gerhard von Kerkow, Conrad von Osterburg, Henning from book and other, in the name of chivalry for the preservation of public peace.

Henry III. (Son of Henry II) lived in the mountains with good Gardelegen. He can not be long been held by the Court of mountains, for the year 1327 Duke Otto of Brunswick had purchased from the same monastery Lutter. Henry II. second son was called Wichard II. and his third son was named Beteke II. The fourth son was Hans IV.


Adolph Friedrich August von Rochow: Messages on the history of sex those of Rochow and their possessions. Korn, Berlin 1861 (Download the HAB) and (Google Download) Der Download bei der HAB beeinhaltet die vollständige Stammtafel im Anhang

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