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Historical information about the family of Tümplingische

The gender of the family of Tumpling (in earlier times also Tumpelingen, Timplingen, Thümpling etc.) existed in earlier centuries, only in Thuringia. There, the old family estates of the family are Tümplingschen to the waters of the Saale and Ilm.

From here it spread first to the neighboring districts of Eisenberg, Neustadt, Zeitz and Merseburg. It is uncertain, whether a branch of this family came to Silesia, and from him the lion Petersburg can be derived.

A second branch could have settled in Switzerland, where an old castle named Tümplingen, But even that could not be detected.

In 1610 Otto died of Tumpling on Tumpling, Posewitz and Sulza, Therefore, the gender split in three lines: Tümpling-Posewitz, Tumpling-Sulza or Bergsulza and Tumpling-Kasekirchen.

This includes detailed family history including several family trees. Das Buch kann heruntergeladen werden im Family History Archive.


Otto Wolf von Tümpling, Bautzen 1864