The family history of coming from Lower Bacmeister

The Bacmeister occur first in the Ancient imperial city of Goslar in a deed dated 2. July 1284 on, leased in which the cathedral chapter of Goslar to the Dietert Bacmester Johan and Johan Heidenreich along with the families at the lower mill Gose. One might conclude from, that Johan has been a miller Bacmester, which is unlikely at a later examination of the Verhätlnisse is. The Bacmeister had been established in Goslar in the country and citizens money back and to one of the most distinguished and influential guilds, namely, the coin belonged. Their chief was for a certificate of 1340 Heneke Bacmester. Since the beginning of the 15. Century, the Bacmeister in Brunswick, Lüneburg und ihren angrenzenden Gebieten genannt.

The oldest saying in the Royal State Archives at Hanover family tree located on the Bacmeister him: “It is this Lüdeke (Luetke) Bacmeister fathered with his wife, an only son named Hans or John, who studied in his youth, Citizens of Lunenburg and was marrying into an old aristocratic patrician family. This is brewmaster John Bacmeister 1548 by the then prevalent plague died and has left his wife and four children ..”

One of these children was Lucas, Born on 18.10.1530 Lüneburg to the eldest son of John and Anna Lübbing (+1556) Lucas enrolled at the University of Wittenberg in the year 1548 and changed from constant fear for the plague, to the court of Christian III. of Denmark. There he held the post of tutor to the royal children.

1555 took it again in a study at Wittenberg, acquired in 1557 the degree of Master of Arts, was 1558 as a lecturer at the Faculty of Arts and received a law turned- and then studying theology at. 1559 He was chaplain in Kolding. On the recommendation of Philip Melanchthon, he went to Rostock. There he took over Easter 1562 the Office of the Superintendent and also became professor of theology. Since he needed as a Professor in the academic doctoral degree, He graduated 1564 seine Promotion. From his 1. Marriage to Johanna Bording (+29.7.1584) are ten sons and daughter, of which blooms only the offspring of the youngest son of Henry….


Clamor Freiherr von dem Bussche-Ippenburg: “The family history of coming from Lower Bacmeister“, Part I-V, 1904 (Download) In der Datenbank sind bereits viele Bacmeisters vertreten.

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