History of the merchant families of Bonn and Cologne from Pelzer

The Kaufmann family has been since the beginning of the 16. Century in Bonn detectable. In Bonn, the first church records mention brothers Lambert and Gierlich Kaufmann. The former was unmarried, which were Gierlich in his marriage with Elizabeth Chandler in the years 1626 to 1639 ten children born.

Including the most 5.9.1638 born John. The home of the clerk was on the bridge, then the entry in the stock records of the city of Bonn. Lambert was the owner of the house “For Nussbaum” on Sternenstrasse. In 1651 Gierlich acquired a barn with a garden at the Star Gate.

John married to 1660 Elisabeth genes. John had two sons: 1. Peter Joseph * at the 31. August 1666 and Vicar of the Church of St. Andreas in Cologne. He died on 31. March 1739 in Bonn. the 2. Lambert and son also was born was 7. More 1670. From his first marriage to Catherine full he had two daughters who died as children.

At the 23. October 1701 He married his second wife, Catherine Heister. Of 1714 to 1749 Lambert is, called a goldsmith and citizen, often mentioned in the protocols Schöffengericht. Lambert starb am 18. February 1755. His marriage to Catherine Joseph Heister entstammtenPeter 6 Children: Peter Joseph * 5. October 1702, Anna Gertrud * 19. September 1706, Maria Elisabeth *11. More 1708, John * 21. February 1712, Maria Agnes * 8. December 1713 and Heinrich *17. September 1719.

Family Pelzer:

The family tree begins with flag with Heribert Pelzer Pelzer, He was married to Anna Clod. His son William married Adelheid Hermann Knox. From this combination came from eight children born in Cologne. His brother was the abbot of the monastery Altenberg and Rector magnificus of the University of Cologne, Johann Blankenberg; He died on 8. July 1662 and was buried in the Cathedral of Altenberg. Daughter Adelaide married the senator to Cologne, Johann Merheim, Son Philip Johann married Katharina von Beyweg, he and his brother Johann Wilhelm were senators in Cologne. The latter was married to Elisabeth Odilia Buschmann.


The following names Rubens, Raaf, Mastiaux, Hal(the)mountain, Freybütter, Poncet (Poncett, Poncetti) can be found in the genealogies of the merchant and Pelzer.


Merchant, Paul: The history of the merchant families of Bonn and Cologne from Pelzer, Contributions to the cultural history of the Rhenish, Bonn: Verlag P. Hanstein, 1897

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