Messages from the family of Wulffen

The gender of house-Wulff'sche Neindorf in Halberstadt derives its name from the predator “Wulf and Wolf” from. Accordingly, it called itself Schlechtweg Wulf or Wolf without the preposition “of”. At the time of Leopold Kaisof (1658-1705) It was custom, the name of the old nobility in general, the preposition “of” vorzusetzen. The sons of Heinrich Christoff added to the name nor the ending “science” and then the race was called henceforth “Wulffen”.

The family of Wulffen comes from Lower Saxony and is one of the nobility. It appears first documented in the diocese of Halberstadt, and indeed in the area around home Neindorf. There was the progenitor of detectable sex, Hinrik Wulf, in 1407 vom Bischof Heinrich von Halberstadt mit Höfen in Gatersleben und vier Jahre später von dessen Nachfolger Bischof Albert, enfeoffed with half the tithes into Weddersleben. A few decades later, the son Hinrik Wulf the Younger, been invested with a house-to Burglehn Neindorf.

Further details on the ancestral line can be read in the database as usual.


Wulffen, Ferdinand of: Messages from the family of Wulffen, Frankfurt: Trowitzsch & Son 1900 (Download)

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