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The family Hattorf, Counts of Lutterberg and Letgäste

eggebrecht-von-hattorfIn the genealogy of the nobility Handbook Volume V, 1984 we find the following entry:


Ev., The genealogy begins with Valentine of Hattorf, *1496 died 1575 Mayor of Osterode am Harz and Duderstadt, its connection with the order 1300 occurring Uradelsgeschlecht same can not be proved.

It is true, There has been no reliable evidence for this relationship, but the same source, which is mentioned in this manual for the nobility, other place is reproduced exactly the opposite.

This is in spark and dam: According to Q83 goes back on the gender of the knights mentioned in the Principality Grubenhagen Eckbert v. Hattorf.

Q. 83: Geneal. Paperback of the Knights- and noble families, Brno, 1877-1880

Both the genealogical aristocracy of the manual and spark dam and invoke therefore one and the same source, and come to completely different interpretations.

As is seen in the Genealogical Handbook of the nobility of a connection to the Lords of civil Hattorf Hattorf not proven, called Valentin Hattorf unchanged since Genealogical Handbook of Gotha letter noble houses of 1912 as Valentin von Hattorf. I know, that there are sources, Valentine called the noble Hattorf, (Spohn etc..), But even this claim can not be sustained on closer inspection.

The notation "Valentine of Hattorf" in the output of the Genealogical Handbook of 1984, the strong sense of "v. Hattorf 'and' differs from Hattorf ", suggests that "Valentine of Hattorf" is a name of origin, Valentine comes from because Hattorf and thus caused the name of civil Hattorf this appellation would. For this assumption, that Valentine may have come from Hattorf, and during the past centuries is very common and is always happy to quote, there is still no single piece of evidence, no more, that anyone ever would be from the family Hattorf actually born in Hattorf.

In the previously published about the family pedigrees Hattorf Valentin Hattorf always mentioned as a progenitor, Although Hans Mahrenholtz of the 1960 responsible in print this issue features, even then would need to know, that the family Hattorp, as it is written at that time still, been 5 Generations is based in Duderstadt, as he had been in contact with Frederick C.. Kaufholz, the already 1958 examined the ancestors of Valentine Hattorp in the archive in Duderstadt.

From shoemaker to make patrician

What are civil Hattorf at all until today and where they live? The first occurrence has been secured in Duderstadt, these families as we shall see later, obviously comes from Osterode.

Heyne Hattorf 1397 lives quarter in the bag.

Hans Hattorf 1445 lives quarter in the bag,

Hildebrand Hattorf *1420, +1459, until then, the family tree shown in: Genealogy, German Journal of Family History, Issue 12, December 1966, Further additions to the list of ancestors space- rocket scientist Wernher and Freiherr von Braun of C. Frederick buying wood and Hans Kelterborn. It can be assumed, that a familial relationship to the two previously mentioned Hattorf.

Heine Hattorf *1450, +1497,

Hans Hattorf *1480, +1532, is nicknamed "Hans of Osterode", suggesting, the civil Hattorf, as evidenced in Duderstadt, originally derived from Osterode.

Valentin Hattorf *1511, +1591 (is still alive 1591 see Annals Duderstadt, 1592 the entry Relicta Valentin Hattorf so +) may have been mayor of Osterode and Duderstadt, yes he is also clearly a noble patrician, But noble he is probably not surely have been.

Despite everything, Valentine Hattorf, even if he can no longer be regarded as the progenitor of the noble Hattorf, a central figure in the family tree Hattorf. All Hattorf whether bourgeois or aristocratic, may rely on him as their ancestors, because the tree splits into two lines till after him, namely, that of his son Henry Hattorf, which is also referred to as the noble patrician and his younger son John Hattorf, Master of Duderstadt.

The base sequence Hattorf exists in printed form in:

Leaves home for the south-westerly. Resin border issue 7/1960, 8/1960 and the correct result for the root to issue this edition Valentine Hattorf 40/1984.

A revised and expanded version, based on these issues and also to 1984 unrecognized Hattorf includes, can be found online at

In 18. Century ennobled lines all come from the line of Henry Hattorf. When Count von Oeynhausen found in his manuscripts, a copy, I think that probably date from the noble letter must. The manuscript of Mr. Earl is unfortunately very hard, therefore I will confine myself to extracts. Genealogical tables of the Count von Oeynhausen see here:

Carl VI, Vienna 10.9.1733 for Henry Melchior …. whose family has been in 13. and 14. Century belongs to the nobility, Duderstadt and then settled in Osterode and by entering into civil sector can have, as the nobility of dermal decline. …..


If an emperor of the German nation has accepted this wording in the letter as needle, should be more than 300 Years later, a needle Committee, in the name of an existing non-, imaginary German King is not this call into question the reputation and discredit a highly respected family in their time. What the emperor is quite …..

The most 10.9.1733 ennobled v. Hattorf (see the left crest) were so convinced, that her family belonged to the nobility at that time. However, they explicitly mention any names, to whom they refer to it. It is quite possible, that they have not meant the Knights of Hattorf but to the councilors Christian v.. Hattorf (1332) and Henry V. Hattorf (1368) obtain. But then the claim would be entitled to the neuadligen Hattorff Uradelstitel, since all before the year 1400 what has been already noble families that very nobility is attributable.

Whether there is a familial connection between the aristocratic Hattorfs, (Christian v.. And Knights of Hattorf Hattorf Eggebrecht) who have lived well, at least at the same time in Osterode, I can not read from the sparse information. The year of documented reference is still no information on the birth year of the Lords. I'm just wondering, whether it would have tolerated the Knights of Hattorf, when a second noble family had settled with the same name in their locality.

After studying eichsfeldischen deed book I see my suspicions confirmed. For me personally, it can hardly be any doubt, that of Knights of Eggebrecht Hattorf and the Councillors Christian and Henry of Hattorf, all of which were located in Osterode, the same tribe belonged. I strongly commend to the interested reader to the section of the document book eichsfeldischen prey.

This would make it possible to finally hit the bridge of the Knights of Hattorf to the councilors of the Hattorf and subsequently entered into civil occupations, and thus corresponding to the rules of the nobility no longer civil Hattorf. Which nevertheless had to rest her title only …. to give someone from this family was again able to take up befitting the title again. The great-grandson of the first civil Hattorf at least a certain Valentin Hattorf which also continues the arms of the councilors of Hattorf, due to difficulties of classification which is what arms exactly who has heard so far is not yet clearly proven, seems to have been convinced to be a descendant of the councilors be. The choice of the names of his children indicate clearly indicate.

So now the book excerpt:

Lutterberg and the family in the early 18th century Hattorf

The trades of the pit copper rose, Sincerity and Freudenberg Lauterberg formerly Lutterberg, Ancestral home of the Earls of Lutterberg.

The sovereign has 1728: 12 Trades

The bourgeois family has Hattorf 26 Trades

Andreas Ernst Hattorff 12,5

Friedrich Martin Hattorff 3

Johann Philip Hattorff 10,5

The latter two are 10.9.1733 elevated to the peerage, along with her brother Henry Melchior Hattorf.

Is it a coincidence, that civil Hattorf, but no connection to the uradligen Hattorf have just the Ancestral home of the Earls of Lutterberg have their trades at the copper mine???

The counts of Lutterberg, the Knights of Hattorf and Letgäste.

It falls on, that the name of the Earls of Lutterberg in the old of Hattorf always makes its appearance, it seems to be a connection between the Family Hattorf, the "Family" Letgast and the Counts of Lutterberg to give. We may conclude, that the counts of Lutterberg the lords were the knights of Hattorf.

The name Hattorf as "family" appears for the first time in 1241 with the appearance of the Knight Eckbert of Hattorf In his time also Ecberte Eckbert de Hattorpe or v. Hattorp called on.

This is a witness in a land transfer of ownership to a certain Dominus Detmarus formerly known as the Elder Letgast. Eckbert of Hattorf testifies, that the Count of Lutterberg the legal profession over 4 Hooves country has Hattorf, they go, if I interpret it right now in the possession of the "family" of Letgast, a noble family which settled in a castle in Förste very lives near Osterode, called the Castle Lichtenstein also popularly known as Silver Castle. She belongs with several others to form a defensive line of the Guelph, to these castles, the one in Pipinsburg Hattorf, are supposed to have lived on the lords of Hattorf. In the literature, the Note, that Eckbert and his brother Conrad of Hattorf are vassals of the Guelph.

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