Family history of von Hardenberg

Originally, the area belonged to Hardenberg, Göttingen and the whole country to the Free State of Saxony. But with the Frankish king Carloman and guided 745 geendeter unhappy war had the effect, that that area around Göttingen, Hagen and the pit had to be ceded Eichsfeld.

The younger line which remained in Hardenberg, took in 14. Century, the boar's head into the coat of arms. After some time, the Lindauer's hard to put into the boar's head shield. The Hog's Head first appeared on the helmet 1390.

Around the year 1378 murdered a man by his brother Rosdorf to Hardegsen, it explained to him the Duke of Brunswick to war and he lost much of its goods, including Hardegsen. The Rosdorfer fled to the Hardenberg. In the same year received the first Hardberger Calenbergische feud. Since then, came the name Rosdorfsche becoming less.

The Lords of Ballhausen seem also a branch of the Rosdorfer or Hardberger be. As 1245 Otto and Arnold von Ballhausen the monastery Amelungsborn a commodity sold Siddemanshausen, present were there as witnesses for Hardberger. In a document of 1279 Hermann testified by Ballhausen, that he had sold, and his cousin Diedrich von Hardenberg, the monastery Fredelsloh half the tithes to Lutter Hausen.

1299 were Diedrich von Hardenberg and Frederick of Mainz Rosdorf Officiale Ballhausen. The Hardberger came in 13. and 14. Century, under three different names before Hardberger: the lords of Rode, Großenrode and as lords of Salder.

Hardenberg, Hartenberg, Hartinbrecht, Harti Berg wrote in one branch, the “to castrum” his property had the right of occupation of the castle and brought to the. With the beginning of 14. Century, they took back the name of Hardenberg. Around the year 1389 they sold their goods to their cousins ​​in the Hardenberg and moved into the neighborhood of Hildesheim in Dassel at, wo sie mehrere Lehen hatten. Der letzte von ihnen war Gert. He played a major role of Calenbergischen Refomation. He is said to have bought from the monastery of the village Wibrechtshausen Imbshausen (attributed by the chroniclers of his line)

Were the lords of Hardenberg, it not only in Saxony but also in Westphalia, in Denmark and in Franconia. The Westphalian sovereignty lies in the Ruhr, near Elberfeld, she died in 13. Century, and their country fell to the Count of Berg. Die Hard's were among the “teutschen” Rich barons. They were as “Noble, Nobiles, Nobiles vires” called. Detailed genealogies can be found in the database.

The Danish Family Hardenberg to the beginning of the 15. Century there have been a resident. 1470 by King Christian I. One can read a Jacob Hardenberg. Very famous people were Reichsrat Jacob Hardenberg 1541, Reichshof master piece Hardenberg 1559 Imperial Council, and Erich Hardenberg 1581. This family became extinct 1637.


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