Hagen's family and their achievements in forestry

Already Friedrich Wilhelm Christian von Hagen, Born on 18.3.1754 Uthleben near Nordhausen was already chief forester in Ilsenburg. From his two marriages 1. Sophie Christine Liesenberg +18.9.1798 Ilsenburg and 2. mit Christiane Charlotte Hardegen +24.4.1851 Ilsenburg, nine children are known and the six sons of whom I would like to describe here in detail, continued this tradition and devoted themselves to the forestry profession. The first son of Heinrich August *13.11.1776 Ilsenburg was forester in Silesia, Two son, Karl Ludwig *12.1.1787, was forester in Annaburg.

The third son of the Forestry Master Ferdinand von Hagen *10.3.1800 graduated from high school to Wernigerode, consisted of Easter 1817 to 1819 the forestry teaching under the guidance of his father and studied at various ducal grounds of Easter 1819 to Michaelmas 1821 Mathematics, Nature- cameralistics and the Universities of Halle and Göttingen. After testing of stored surveyor, he joined in October 1822 in the State Service, in which he was initially concerned with forestry surveys. End 1825 He was the chief forester exam and trained as a forester trainee at the then government to Frankfurt an der Oder further from the higher Forest Service. End 1838 He was promoted to forestry inspector in Stargard, 1840 He came to the forester position in Neuhaldensleben. It was later moved his residence to Magdeburg. At the 10. October, he committed to Ilsenburg its 50th anniversary with the company and became effective on 1. October 1873 into retirement.

Friedrich von Hagen *25.10.1801, The fourth son was originally dedicated to the legal career. 1824-1825 He was for ten months as the Court of Appeal at the Royal Country-Auskultator- and Municipal Court operates Quedlinburg, before the 1. July 1827 was appointed as auditor of the chamber Count Heinrich of Stolberg-Wernigerode. 1829 was promoted to his chamber, and Secretary 1832 Assessor to the chamber. 1833 He was a full member of the chamber and was thus a voice in the count's chamber in Wernigerode. After five years he was appointed to the Counts-stolbergischen Kammerrat. After the death of the Count's top forester of Landwüst Friedrich von Hagen received on 4. June 1845 overall supervision and management of all forest operations of Wernigerode and Hohenstein's forest forester with the title transfer. Took place after ten successful years on 23. April 1855 his appointment as chief forester.

Family of Hagen at 1873 © Gritta and Timo Heimerdinger

Certain Count Otto zu Stolberg-Wernigerode on 1. August 1874

"In memory of the 3th at d.M. upcoming celebration of fifty years of service anniversary of the upper-forester of Hagen I determine, that on the day on the imaginary leading from here to Schierke road from the point, where it joins the road of Thumkuhlenthals, Schierke to the name “Hagen Road” should lead. The lasting memory of this designation and to determine the reason-giving ceremony, I also, that at an appropriate point of the Hagen-street to be constructed with appropriate inscription provided memorial stone. "

The monument is a ca. 1,5 Meter high boulder with an inscription, was on the western side of the road, about 2 Kilometers beyond the city limit established by Hasserode, where he still has his site. Friedrich von Hagen was born on 1. April 1875 transferred at his own request to retire. Before that, he was appointed an honorary member of the Count's chamber, what gave him the opportunity, continue to participate in the meetings of the Chamber College. Hagen spent his retirement in Ilsenburg.

Justus von Hagen Dietrich *4.3.1811 in Ilsenburg camp 1823 at the Lyceum to Wernigerode and then to 1828 to the higher trade- and trade school in Magdeburg. Short time and only for family reasons (his father died 1827) He took the job in the mining Büchenberg at Elbingerode, However, soon followed his inner inclination and became a forester, Like his brothers. After a year's apprenticeship, he went 1829 as a volunteer at the Guards in Berlin, was 1830 included in the riding Military Police Corps, then studied Forestry at Neustadt-Eberswalde sowiwaslin and consisted 1836 the chief forester exam. 1841 He was promoted to chief forester, initially in the Ministry, since 1842 in Merseburg, 1847 He was placed in the area Lödderitz, was 1850 Forestry and forestry inspector technical member of the royal government of Magdeburg, was 1855 as a forester with the Governing Council rank in the Department of Forestry and domains back to the Treasury Department was called and since 1865 the title of land forester with the rank of Council II. Class.

Otto Friedrich von Hagen *15.2.1817 Ilsenburg, youngest member of the family went to school and passed his Schulpforta forestry administration in Limmritz, then studied 1838-1839 at the Academy of Forestry at Neustadt-Eberswalde, and then in Berlin. 1841 He graduated as a forester and the test in July when the audit of government- and forestry trainee. He then worked as a secretary in the government colleges in Merseyside, Erfurt and Arnsberg, making 1844 the exam as a government- und Forstassessor. 1846 He was manager of the forestry office and Falkenberg 1849 He was called to Berlin and appointed forest inspector. They entrusted him there with the paper on the forestry, he rose from stage to stage on. 1850 He was forester with the rank of Executive Council, 1854 Oberland forester and as such technological leader around the Prussian Forest Service, 1866 He was named co-director in forestry- and hunting things at the Department of Forestry and domains with the rank of Ministerial Council I. Class, 1877 He was privy to the predicate “Excellence” and since February 1880 Secretary of the forest department. (Monument at the Ottershaw 22.11.1880) The genealogies and other stories, Also in the spirit of the Hagen-Gröningen, are, as always, read in the database.


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