Historical information about the family of Enckevort

The first of the family of Enckevort, The book was written by a family, was the longtime deputy and landowner Edward of Enckevort (+12.5.1883) In particular, the diaries of our ancestors, he recovered very critical. The little work of Edward was only written for the family and was in the original in the archives to Vogelsang for Ueckermunde.

The sex of Enckevort occurs first in the county of Brabant in the Netherlands 13. Century. It spread from the 17. Century in two lines to Austria and the Electorate of Brandenburg, while a third line to the end of 17. Century in the Netherlands was. Of all these flowers today only the Brandenburg-Pomeranian.

After the extinction of the male line of Brabant in the gender of the name of Enckevort Enckevoert went on through the female line of sex. Elizabeth Michiels of Enckevort, the sister of the Cardinal has been the mother of the new race of Enkevort by her son Gottfried, Shooters and the families of Enckevoert and Lombaerts Enckevoert of their daughters Agnes and Elizabeth, Peter Mathias and Shooters who married Jean Lombaerts.

The new main line of the sex of Enckevortschen, founded by Godfrey I., split by the descendants of his son Gottfried II. in the Austrian and Brandenburg line. The Brandenburg line acquired in 18. Century numerous possessions in Pomerania. This book is written very exciting and we learned a lot of previously unknown historical details. The family trees are like the bad Google scans the victim, but the entire genealogies are completely captured.


Rudolf of Encke Fort: Historical information about the family v. Enckevort. C. A. Strong, Goerlitz 1908 (Download)

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