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On the history of the Haniel family from Pomerania

Under German and Wendish names first diving center of the 16. Century, the name taken from the Bible Hanniel in Pomerania and the Neumark. The meaning of the name means: “God's grace, God's mercy”.

The first of the name is found in the Universitätsmatrikeln of Frankfurt an der Oder 1554 the student of Joachim Hanniel Pyritz, one of the oldest cities founded by the Wends of Pomerania, whereas in 13. Century in the resettlement of the Poles by wars and fighting among the Pomeranian Duke Bogislaus I. depopulated state of the Knights Templar of the Brandenburg immigrant train was diverted.

Comes in second place as the seat of the family, the city considered Schivelbein. From the middle of the 16. Century stand until after the beginning of the 30-year war in the registers of the Universities of Basel, Frankfurt, Greifswald, Rostock and Wittenberg, and a total of Szczecin 15 Students and members of two tribes Hanniel.

Among these are 9 from Pyritz and 6 from Belgard. Among other things, is under the later Rostock professor of history from Ignatius Hanniel Schivelbein. Joachim was one of about Hanniel 1590 to 1605 Mayor in Pyritz. The family, however, seems out of the city 1667 leave to have….

The family history dates back to the project Digitisation on demand and is at the BSB Munich Online-Version available.


August Haniel, Dusseldorf 1913