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The Protestant clergy at the Martin Church in Churchill from the Reformation to the present

Since the year 1537 was the Protestant clergy expressly granted the right, the supervision of their preachers to lead themselves, eliminate unsuitable candidates and personalities, who came from out of town, to undergo an examination. The certificate, in principle, the Reformed doctrine recognized, has received a copy remained.

During the whole 16. Century was the Rhaetian Bundestag of the Synod, he had created by the above certificate and officially recognized, friendly to. After 1598 issued a decree, which dealt with the Evangelical Church.

So lange Johann Comander (Dorfmann) lived, he was the acknowledged head of the Protestant clergy in the three frets. After his death, the name of Johannes Fabricius Montanus be, Philipp Gallica, später Tobias Egli, Ulrich called Campbell and John Calvin.

St. Martin's Church has been mentioned by 800. It is the oldest church in the city. Kaiser Otto I.. on suitable 928 St. Martin's Church of the Diocese of Chur. Through the Reformation, the above Johann Comander had initiated, originally Catholic Church was as “reformed” Completed construction.


M. Valèr: The Protestant clergy at St. Martin's Church in Chur, from the beginning of the Reformation to the Present, Churchill : 1919 by Manatschal Ebner