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Publ-Gruber: General Encyclopedia of Sciences and Arts


The General Encyclopedia of Sciences and Arts (short Publ-Gruber) is a comprehensive, Scientific Encyclopedia, of the 1818 to 1889 First of John Samuel and Johann Gottfried Gruber Ersch and edited by 400 Scholars has been developed.

It comprises 167 Text-books of almost 79.000 Pages in three sections and 1 Plate volume as well as several panel inserts. The work was 1831 from the Brockhaus publishing house and taken 1889 set unfinished. (See Wikisource)

This family history is also relevant contributions and family trees to find:

Pedigrees of the House of Habsburg
The Counts of Habsburg to Laufenburg
The second count of Kyburg
Genealogy of the family Fechenbach
Overview of the master table Carlowitz'schen
Genealogy to the short overview of the sex Dalbergischen
Genealogy of the family Feilitzsch
Genealogy of the dukes of slot named by Goertz and the Earl of slot named by Goertz and Wrisberg


The Universal Encyclopaedia of Sciences and Arts was the Center for Retrospective Digitization of Lower Saxony State- and University Library digitized.