Historical contributions to families of Nördlingen (Swabia)

Nördlingen is a district town in the Swabian district of Donau-Ries in Bavaria. The former Free Imperial City is the largest city in the county. Historically well-documented is the story of the witch hunt in this place, associated with the name Friedrich Wilhelm Lutz (1551-1597) as a critic of witchcraft trials, and Sebastian Roettinger (1537-1608) as mayor and Witch Hunters.

The town's landmark is the Gothic St. St. George's Church, their epitaphs are discussed in detail in the present work. Sie vermitteln eine umfassende geschichtliche Übersicht der dort verstorbenen Einwohner. Nördlingen erhielt im Jahre 1215 Emperor Frederick II. municipal rights and became a free imperial city.


Beyschlag, Daniel Eberhardt: Contributions to Nördlingischen Gender History, Nördlingischen containing the epitaphs, Nördlingen: Beck 1801-1803, Part 1, Part 2.1, Part 2.2,

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