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Individual biographies from Austria

On the website of the “austrian literature online” are mainly related to digital books and Austria offered are free and also available as ePrint. Currently there are approximately 13.733 Documents from the 11. Century to the Present. The project relies on the initiative of the University- and Regional Library of Tyrol, Graz University Library and the Institute “Integrated Studies” the University of Linz. An absolutely recommendable project!

Here is a small foretaste of the “hello” Stock:

Dr. Philip of Wörndle to Adelsfried and Weier castle Tyrolean Protect Major and militia captain A Life song from the war history of the Tyrol Verlagsbuchhandlung of Kath. Press Association Brixen 1894

Eleanor, Roman Empress, Gemahlin Leopolds I. Vienna 1837

Gabriele von Bülow daughter of Wilhelm von Humboldt. A life picture of the family papers of Wilhelm von Humboldt and his children. 1791-1887. Publisher Ernst Siegfried Mittler and Son Royal Hofbuchhandlung Berlin 1895

Hans von Bülow letters V. Band 1872 – 1880, Breitkopf & Härtel, Leipzig 1904

Jerome v. Klebelsberg K.K.. Upper Regional Court Rath and Governor in Tirol, Publisher of Wagner's University Bookstore Innsbruck 1868

Chronicle of Wallpach family Schwanfeld Self-published 1892 Caroline von Humboldt, second expanded edition, Velhagen and Klasing Bielefeld and Leipzig 1921

Contributions to genealogy and history of the Styrian Liechtensteine, Selbstverlag d. Histor. Landes Commissions f. Styria Graz 1902

John Fercher of stone wall (John Kleinfercher) Life and work self-publishing Innsbruck 1925

Gottlieb Baron Ankershofen, a Biographical Sketch, Self Publishing Klagenfurt 1860

Documents, Actenstücke and letters, the baronial family and Count Lamberg concerning, Hans von Zwiedineck 1899

Documents, Actenstücke and letters, the baronial and Count's family Breuner and Styrian their possession concerning (formerly Ehrnauer Archive)

B. G. Niebuhr and the Freiherr von Stein A Political Biography Dissertation, Bernhard Bobian, Self Publishing 1935

Documentary Contributions to the History of Archduke Karl II. in the first two years of the reign (the establishment of the government and chamber in Graz) mostly collected from the Vienna archives, Johann Loserth, Even Verl. d. Histor. State Commission for Styria Graz 1898

The Herrnmühle Graslitz. Ancestral home of the family Dotzauer, Bohemia A.G. Prague 1873

Documents, Actenstücke and letters, the noble families Eibeswald, Mindorf, Schrottenbach, Wildenstein, Zingl u to vineyards. A. concerning

The Reichsgräflich Wurmbrand'sche House- you. Family archive to Steyerberg, Even Verl. d. Histor. Landes-Commission f. Styria Graz 1896

is continued…