Die Prestinari: Italian immigrants of 17. and 18. Century in Germany

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At the turn of 17. and 18. Century a strong immigration of Italians in Germany. There were some craftsmen, especially skilled workers in the field of construction (Builder, Plasterers, Painters and chimney) There were also merchants and traders (Tropical fruit)

They came from many prestigious, even the country's aristocratic families belonging to northern Italy, the result of warlike complications and difficult economic conditions in their own home did not have satisfactory income. They started in Germany, often with minimal resources, brought it but often by their proficiency in the shortest time to wealth and prestige and have often reached in public office.

Some of these families are in the focal points of German trade in Augsburg, Frankfurt or Cologne settled, did not only play an important role through their wealth, but also the cultural life influenced (Example: Clemens und Bettina Brentano)

The sex was Prestinari of old resident of Sala, a small town on the western shore of Lake Como, south of Tremezzo. It was with the local nobility and de de Greppi Salici versippt closely. As one of the first immigrants we meet John Bartholomew Prestinari, *16.2..1648 in Sala, Son of Dominic and the Magdalena Puricella. He settled in Weingarten, but moved 1697 to Überlingen on Lake Constance, where he acquired citizenship. He eröffente with his son Dominic and his Johann Schwigersohn Caprano from Sala, the husband of his daughter Mary Magdalene, a commercial transaction.

Besides those two children he had two sons: God, Peter +1721 und Maria Joseph Bartholomäus, Kanoniker in Sala. His son Dominic was first marriage with those coming from his native Italy Margarita Buzzini; After her death he married in Überlingen 24.2.1715 with Maria Francisca of Pflummern, which he joined in close family ties among the most respected families. She was the daughter of the consul of Mathey Pflummern and Maria Regina Mader. The climate in Germany told him not to be disclosed, because he kept on repeating in Sala, where he also 1720 died.

Dominicus left four minor children: Maria Concordia aus erster Ehe, Bartholomeo Cesare, Giovanni Pietro and Maria Anna of the second marriage. The education of these children, he transferred his will his brother Bartholomew.

The trading business was continued with the help of, even after the partner Johann Caprano 1726 had died. At the 1.1.1730 he concluded on behalf of the heirs of a social contract with the brothers Anton and Bernhard Joseph Anton Vanotti, Sohnen of Andreas Vanotti. When it came to disputes, This dispute has been managed by a marriage alliance of the world; at the 25.6.1750 heiratete Joseph Vanotti als Witwer Anna Maria, the daughter of Dominik Prestinari.

Also in Rottenburg, there was a commercial establishment of Prestinari, the first as "Joseph Prestinari & Co, later than Joseph Bek & Co. firmierte. Owner of the company was to 1680 Joseph Sala Prestinari aus, his son Franz Rudolf returned to Sala.

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A strong stream of Italian emigration was in the area of ​​the Rhenish principalities, which were brought forward by the Italians as Catholics other areas. First appeared on the name Prestinari in Epping, wo der Senator Peter Prestinari am 28.2.1700 a son, John, and on 28.10.1703 a son Johann Georg baptized can. The latter seems to have died as a child, the former grimaced after his marriage on 7.2.1719 mit Margarethe Elisabeth Strenckard (Stricter) to Trier. Peter Prestinari starb 1706 and was on 1.9. buried in Epping.

Especially funny to emigrate were the three sons of Andreas Prestinari in Sala: Johann Baptist * at 1684, Dominik * at 1686 and Peter Bartholomew * at 1690. The former went to Bruchsal, earning around there 1720 after marriage for citizenship. Dominik later returned to Sala, where he 1753 died. He was married to Martha Bella, probably from the House del Bello (Bellos) from which a branch was established in Bruchsal. His descendants intermarried with members of the Ferrari family and Puricelli. The roots of the industrialist family Puricelli are also to be found in the vicinity of the lake and also they came from 17. First century in the Moselle region.

The youngest son of Peter Bartholomew immigrated to Kirn on the Nahe and married here on 6.2.1727 Catherine Margaret Vacano, Andreas aus tochter of Lenno. From this marriage came from 8 Children. One of these sons fathered 14 Children and thus the founder of still flourishing Bruchsahler line.

Also noteworthy are Bernhard August, the constancy in the District Office- and Hofgerichtspräsident took over and Johann Nepomukfürstl. Prince Bergischer domain Director in Donaueschingen, while in the Rhineland only the daughters lines continued.


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