The Secret Book of Honour of the Fuggers

fugger-deckblattWhat a highlight of the art of printing! And in general…What a treasure here on the Bavarian State Library both as an online edition as well as Download is provided to.

The "Secret Honor Book" made between the Fuggers 1545 and 1549 the workshop of the Augsburg artist Jörg Breu the Younger. an.

The manuscript is an impressive example of self-expression and the Fuggers of Augsburg's an excellent product illumination of the late Renaissance. She is considered one of the most important and most valuable books of the German-speaking family. (Quote)

The book is both Leaves versions as well as three-dimensional animated books available. The leaves are opened by versions of contents. To call the animated 3-D versions, the latest version of Java needed, under the this address can be downloaded:

From the contents:fugger1

The Secret Book Honor Book of the Fuggers
Herald: Fugger of Kirchberg and Weissenhorn
House of Fugger brands
Coat of Arms of the Fugger family of deer
Fugger family arms of the lily
Arms and ancestry, Ursula von Harrach (1522-1554)
Trunk lines of the Fuggers of the Lily
Genealogy of the Counts Fugger of Kirchberg and Weissenhorn
Trunk lines of the Fugger of deer

The second work: Fuggerorum et Fuggerarum…

The 1593 and 1618 in small quantities for family use published series engraving "Fuggerorum et Fuggerarum imagines ...takes a generation later, the idea of ​​the book of honor in contemporary form to re. The colored print contains illustrations of 138 Members of the family of the Fuggers of the Lily. That of the Bavarian State Library purchased copy is an unusual quality of coloration and is unique on this scale. (Quote)

From the contents:

Coat sheet Fugger of Kirchberg and Weissenhorn
Jacob Fugger the Old (1398-1469) and his sons
The sons of Ulrich Fugger (1441-1510)
Raymund Fugger (1489-1535) and his descendants
The descendants of Anton Fugger (1493-1560) Anton-called line
Unordered portraits

The third work: Fuggerorum. Et Fuggerarum. In Qvae Familia Natae. In Qvaève Familiam Transiervnt. Extant Qvot Aere Expressae Imagine – Otto Schaefer Library Schweinfurt. Authors: Costs, Dominicus und Kilian, Lucas, appeared in Augsburg 1593 (Genealogies Fuggers)

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