History of the village and Kujawy rule Markowitz

Mieszko (Mieczislaw) I., The first historically authenticated Polish Prince, occurs as lord of Kuyavia and has his residence in the Kruschwitz Goplosee. There was also to 1159 the seat of the mid- 11. Century, founded diocese Kujawy.

The first written mention of the settlement does not exceed the Markowitz 15. Century back. The name, formed by appending the patronymic suffix “ice” the name of Mark gives no information and can detect only, that the name itself was created only after the introduction of Christianity. The issue, what sex the first owners were members, is not easy to answer, for fixed surnames were formed in Poland until much later than in Germany.

A portion of the area has passed very late in private ownership. In 1464 Bishop John gave to the monastery of Cujavia Strelno the tithe sheaf. Gave Erbherren of Markowice it in the second half of the 14. Century. At the 30. More 1503 John Grimek by Markowice urkundet a few years later as the owner of a St. Andrew Markowski Grzmik in Markowitz. Be as siblings and children of a deceased nobilis Andrew Markowski 1553 and 1566 in the family tree I. listed persons or entities and there is the question, whether this is identical with Andreas Andreas Grzmik of the family of Grzmale. Paprocki is the Markowski as “Szeliga”. The Gentlemen 1-4 were in the family trees come into their possession through marriage to Markowitz…

Regulation in the modern era

The lord of the manor after the Fall in an area of ​​regulation 3876 Morning, which were managed by the two outworks Markowitz and Gaj. This property was in 1836 for 47.000 Credits to Arnold von Wilamowitz-Möllendorff sold, He remained in his family since then. This came from the Prignitz, where his father owned the manor Strigl Theodor Just in Perleberg.

His mother, Ernestine, Bonin was born of the only grand-niece and next of kin of the field marshal Wichard Möllendorff, the 1813 her three sons, Hugo, Ottocar and Arnold von Wilamowitz adopted. Through the Diploma 4. More 1815 them was the name “Wilamowitz-Möllendorff” awarded. After Kuyavian Arnold arrived with his sister, who was married to the chamber of Mr. Fritz Schwanfeld.

The coat of arms shows a three-armed golden candlestick in red. On the helmet with red and gold ceiling two growing armored arms, asked the pale as a silver wave Wassermühlrades at the top of holding.

Since the year 1909 Markowitz is the estate of a testamentary disposition of the 30. Augst 1905 late Baron Hugo von Wilamowitz-Möllendorff (*18.6.1840) accordingly, together with the by him 1890 been devoted to the adjacent manor acquired a nice value Familienfideikommiss. The goods include a contiguous area of 1319 ha or 5167 Morning 760 Residents (1910)

Genealogical tables of the Markowitz


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