Genealogy of the Earls of Oppersdorff

In a list of operators with Leopold of Austria, who fell under the counts, the brothers Johann, Walraff and Peter Stone called animal. Her sex was extinguished with the death of Count Henry in 1519.

Those descended from this family are, which is the year 1150 went to Austria, there acquired a territory in the Vienna woods, where two castles built, one of which Hindberg and the other due to its convenient location hunt (either from the German word “Eber”, or from the Latin “Aper”) Was called Ebersdorf or Oppersdorf.

Leopold came from their offspring, prevailed at the time when Rudolph of Hapsburg, both locks below the title of an Austrian steward had. The sex was held in high esteem by this emperor, and even with his son Albert I.

He was followed by the year 1277 his nearest agnate – Calochus, Count Lathold brother and progenitor of all the lords of Hindberg and Ebersdorf. They led, since they had received the Erbkammerherrnwürde, the title of Earl of animal stone. Also flourished in the wake of the sex. For when the Emperor Frederick III. in 1451 moved to Italy, crowned by the Pope to be his bride and took with him to Rome to have to marry with her and crown, He entrusted the government of Austria, about five grand dignitaries, among them some of Sigismund was Ebersdorf. Some historians say three agnates from this family, including one from Albrecht Ebersdorf, and a Reinbert or Rupert of Ebersdorf.

This family was located in the Silesian, called but not by changing the letters Ebersdorf, but “Oppersdorf”. The first of this family, who came to the Emperor Sigismund as his name was John Chamberlain to Silesia, Sohn and Johannes. He was a permanent resident and married to Anne of Posedowsky Postelwitz, Widow of John Ritter of Coladit. He had died in the Polish-Steinau and Breslau 1445. Is written on his grave stone with a family coat of arms: “Hans role of Opprechtsdorf”. He left a son named Henry, the 1517, 71 Years old died. His wife Anna Borsnitz Brausch and his five sons of Henry, Frederick, William, Johann Wenzel survived him. The first three sons died childless.

Wenzel was captain of the principality of Brieg, had the goods Schönfeld, Alzenau and died in Neudorf 59. Years. He left behind three daughters and Margaret of Buswein, and two sons, And Wolfgang Heinrich. The latter was the progenitor of a numerous progeny.

Frederick married Barbara of Strzela (Stezel) and died 1544, 73 Years old at Brieg. He left three sons named Johann, George and William. They were collected by King Ferdinand in the barony.

John spent nearly nine years at the court of Duke Charles of Munsterberg and Oels. There, he performed not only the services of a page, but was also interested in the ducal chancellery, before he entered the military service. His bravery was rewarded with the ausnehmende located in Bohemia goods Aich and Fried stone. In the survey, the Emperor Ferdinand able to any other reasons, as the glory of their ancestors and the faithful proved Help. Oppersdorf was now general of the cavalry, and soon after he became the top provincial government transferred. After the death of his first wife of Hans married Margarethe von Lobkowitz Oppersdorf with the line Bilina and died 1584 childless.

George took over after the death of his uncle's estates in possession and not insignificant chosen as a pledge of Mr. Ober-Glogau this city as his residence. In 1587 gave Emperor Rudolph II. City of Upper Glogau the right to seal it with red wax. This privilege did much to increase the reputation for.

With his first wife Countess Sissa, George had no children. In contrast him with his second wife, Isolda, Baroness von Waldstein and Lomnitz two daughters and five sons. Of the daughters, Elizabeth died and Anna married to Stephen Earl of Wrbna. Of his sons, Rudolph, Otto, George, Wenzel and Frederick were the last four of Emperor Ferdinand II. elevated to the rank of count. On George of Oppersdorf, on the 15. December 1606 died, was succeeded by his eldest son Rudolph Oppersdorf. What else has happened yet, is readable in the entire book.


Rope dart, Heinrich: History and description of the town of Ober-Glogau in Silesia, the genealogy of the Counts of Oppersdorf, Upper Glogau: Henry trade, 1860

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