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The Kronberg from origin to the disintegration

The family was one of the Rhenish Knights Circle, from about 1220 to extinction of the male line 1704 their headquarters at the castle had Kronberg im Taunus on the present city of Kronberg. Ancestor was 1192 Wigand mentioned in documents of Askenburne.

1617 extinguished with the death of Johann Eberhard von Kronberg, Vicedom the Rheingau and Mainz Erbtruchsess, the wing root of those Kronberg. 1618 Kronberger were raised to the peerage and 1630 to Count. 1632 received Kronberger Rothenberg, Odenwald fief. 1704 The family died out with the death of Johann Nicolaus von Cronberg. The rule Rothenberg fell to the sword of field, the rule of Kronberg Kurmainz.



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