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The Imperial Count Colonna-rock on the big-Strehlitz, Tost, Tworog


Very close to Bolzano is the vicarage Vols. Already 888 King Arnulf gave the reward to the possessions in Engilger “Fellis between Montana Alpesque Italiae”. Engilger was a faithful servant of Jezo. Located on the mountain, the tower stood on the castle decorated for centuries “Noble of Vols” (the ancestors of the Upper Silesian Colonna) were.

As a founding father of the nobles of the Vols called from a family originating Brixen Wernher, According to the book room between 1120 and 1125 called. His descendants were: I Reginbert. (Brecht rhyme) documented 1142-1192. It is expressly brother of Burghard, Governed by a son called and the Vols Wernher. It is followed by the documents Reginbert II. In the years 1191-1213 and then Reginbert III. mentioned 1225-1256.

After a little time we get to jump from Caspar Vols to Prössels, Husband of Dorothea of ​​Weineck him the son of Leonard 1458 gave birth to. Leonard was the founder of the Elder of power and the glory of his house. He acquired the castle, Court and Office Salurn, Palace and court Schenkenberg, Castle Aichag, Castle Völseck, forcing all the fief of the house and he got the stone fortress of imperial fief Laterns.

Leonard was the first of his tribe's name “Column” led. The famous Colonna family in Italy has its name either from the village of La Colonna, on one of the last hills of the Alban Hills close to the border of the Campagna, already in the 11. Century as “Columna civitas” mention is, or from the Column of Trajan in Rome, in deren Nähe die Colonnas ihre Wohnstätten hatten. Die Geschichte der Familie Colonna ist mit der Roms eng verknüpft.

By a member of the House of Colonna, Marco Antonio Colonna, Prince of Salerno and general of the Venetians of the same name with the victor of Lepanto should not be confused, Leonard was awarded in recognition of the above services a geleistetet Filiationsbrief and thereby permit, to bear the name and arms of Colonna. This happened already 1505, Leonard this year already since the Colonnawappen (the winning column) was.

In one of the legacies of the papers 1797 Bolzano to late wife Renata, widowed and born Baroness Colonna of Fels, originating documents, The title leads: “It is reported that the origin of the Tyrolean family of the barons Colonna of Fels, that a branch of the Roman Colonna 1153 immigrated in Tyrol and is descended from this Völser the Colonna”.

Caspar Colonna was in 1594 Born as a son of Sir Leonard and his first wife, Ursula, born Baroness Krajíř Kraygk of Protestant and educated. He is named as owners or managers of large rule-Strehlitz. 1622 Caspar married a baron of Vels, Mr. Schenkenberg on, Castel Sant'Angelo, Hartenstein, Buchau and Schoenau and Erbkämmerer the pen Brixen, Countess Anna Sigunna Liebsteinsky of Kolowrat.

Came from this marriage 3 Children: George Leonard, Owner of the rule Tworóg, Gustav, Owners of large-Strehlitz and daughter Johanna Elizabeth. Latter 1632 born, married on 5.2.1652 Georg Heinrich von Redern on Krappitz.


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