The descendants of Ambrose miner of the Baltic

Born 26.5.1641 in Fischhausen, He was on 14.5.1661 for the study of theology in Königsberg and was enrolled here referred to as “Pillaviensis”. His parents are listed as Advocatus fisci and Auli Ambrose Sabine Berman and Wegener, Daughter of Master Caspar Wegener, the Lutheran preacher in a short biography in the province of Livonia as archdeacon in Königsberg called.

1667 Ambrsius was provost of the Rev. Christopher Kleinschmidt adjunctus chosen for Ruien. In this position he remained until 1669, then he became a pastor after Ubenorm. At the 10.1.1669 He married Christina Jänig, the daughter of his predecessor. From this connection are five children, of whom one son and one daughter died early…

By jumping through the genealogies I am coming to Gustav Bergmann, which the 28.3.1749 Born in New Mills. He also studied theology and natural sciences since the 1.10.1767 in Leipzig. In 1770 He returned to Livonia, where he was on 25.6. the same year ordained as pastor of Arrasch. At the 18. August 1771 He married Beata Elizabeth Medes Lasdohn.

For his services, particularly by his way of smallpox vaccination, he was widely known. Kaiser Alexander I. awarded him with a gold medal of merit, because Gustav had more than 4000 Kinder trotz Verbot mit Menschenpocken geimpft, The only salvation from the rampant smallpox. (only 5 the vaccinated children died) Nobiliert the family of Emperor Joseph was born on 8. July 1787.

Another descendant of that name was the German internist Gustav Bergmann * 24.12.1878 in Wuerzburg. His father, Ernst (1836-1907) was a surgeon. This was his second wife, married to Pauline Asbrand called Porbeck. (1842-1917) Ernst was the son of Richard von Bergmann (1805-1878), Pastor Rūjiena in today's Latvia, and the Bertha Krueger (1816-1877).

A detailed family history (Available for Download) ist in zwei Bänden nachzulesen. Of interest to the research, the family name in the register read: Berkholz, of Binz, of Bremen, Barcley de Tolly, of Frantzius, Haeckel, Hoerschelmann, Hollander, von Huebbenet, of Krudener, von Lieven, von Maydell, by Moerner, Polchow, Praetorius, by Ropp, of Riemann, Toll, by Wachtmeister, usw…


Part 1: Bergmann descendants of the Palm, by Edward Bergman 1886
Part 2: Of our ancestors, Ernst Bergmann 1896
Buchholtz, Arend: The life of the Ernst von Bergmann, with an outline of family history and his letters from war 1866-1877, Leipzig: Publisher bird, 1911


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