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Collection: History sheets of the German Huguenot Society

The word Huguenot is a term of disputed origin of language. In France, it is effective for 1551 detectable, He was considered a dirty word, before the Protestants themselves so called. In Prussia was the first word is not used, here were referred to the refugees as Réfugiés, their settlement area as a French colony. It was not until 1900 continued in the German states, the use of the term by Huguenot.

About 40.000 Huguenots fled to the German territories, Brandenburg-Prussia was almost 20.000 of them on. The legal basis for the recent influx of Huguenots to Berlin and Brandenburg in other areas was the Edict of Potsdam, the Friedrich Wilhelm, the "Great Elector", at the 29. October 1685 (after at that time not yet applicable in Brandenburg Gregorian Calendar 8. November), So a few weeks after the adoption of Fontainebleau, had signed. The elector justified the inclusion of the Huguenots with sympathy for his oppressed brethren. Brandenburg's House of Hohenzollern prince belonged since 1613 the Calvinist belief in, unlike the vast majority of his Lutheran-Protestant subjects. (Text: Wikipedia)

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