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The history of the Counts of Winzenburg and the Earl of Reinhausen

Hermann I. Count of Winzenburg, Born to 1083 and educated at Hildesheim. Before 1109 granted tenure and Winzenburg 1112 Representatives of the emperor in Thuringia. 1123 He was the emperor used as Margrave of Meissen. Best known as the murderer of Count Burchard of Loccum 1130. Why was outlawed and lost all the dignities and fiefs, so auch die Winzenburg...

From the contents:

The counts of Reinhausen
Biographies of the Counts of Winzenburg
The alleged descendants of Count Heinrich von Winzenburg and the counts of isopod
Were the counts of Winzenburg Landgrave of Thuringia and Margrave of Meissen?
Siegel and Castle of the Counts of Winzenburg
Strain- and relationship tables of counts of Reinhausen, form of stream and mountain wind and the counts of isopod (Asle, Asleburg)


Edmund Freiherr von Gleichen-Uslar: History of the Earls of Winzenburg, Hanover: C. Meyer 1895

Other literature:

Cook, Charles Ludolph: The Winzenburg and their owners: (Contributions to the History of Lower Saxony in tests of historical monographs of the houses Winzenburg, Peine and Hildesheimsche Dassel and its possessions to the church on previous) Band 1: History of sex and the castle Winzenburg, Hildesheim: Gerstenberg 1833

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